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People’s Voices Must Be Heard if We Are to Move Forwards

by Margaret Bell | December 15, 2016

History is full of variables, but there are also constants. One such constant is as follows; exclude at your peril.

Societies which deny communities a seat at the table, which marginalise and dismiss the voices of certain groups of people, cannot survive. Whether this is done intentionally...

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Is It Time to Re-think the ‘Three Rs’ of Australian Education?

by Margaret Bell | December 9, 2016

Storytelling and narrative culture is – quite literally – etched into the very landscape of Australia. For millennia, oral narratives have been a key component of Indigenous life and tradition, and have been spoken at gatherings, sung around campfires, passed on from generation to generation as a means of keeping beliefs and customs alive.

But the tradition goes deeper...

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Bridging the Gap: Chain Reaction’s Older Adolescent Program, 12 – 17 Years

by Margaret Bell | December 7, 2016

Think back to when you were an adolescent. For some, this is perhaps only a few years; for others it is maybe a little longer. How did you feel back then?

It is difficult to avoid the facts of adolescence. This is a time of great change,

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