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Connection Through Dreaming - Do We Still Take Time to Daydream?

by Margaret Bell | June 26, 2018

Dreams are powerful things, and still represent something of an enigma for the scientific community. At night time, as we sleep and recharge our batteries, our minds delve into a rich treasure trove of memory and knowledge, forging connections between these often unexplored or forgotten pockets of data, and presenting us with a myriad of images and experiences.

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The Search for Freedom: Expectation vs Reality

by Margaret Bell | June 18, 2018

In Australia, all of us are said to be 'free.' We can practice whichever religion we want, explore any sexual orientation we wish to, provided it is carried out between consenting adults, and we do not live in fear of an authoritarian or oppressive government.

But how 'free' are we?

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Respect, Safety, and Responsibility - How Do Leaders Model 'How to Belong' in Today's World

by Margaret Bell | June 11, 2018

Leaders, at all levels of society, are called to model these attributes, demonstrating how they can be applied rather than simply extolling their virtues. This means the politicians that serve in government, but also the managers and team leaders in our workplaces, the teachers in our schools, the community figures who work so hard for our society, and the parents and guardians in households across the country; so often the unsung heroes of society.

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Religion and Tolerance: Accepting the Differing Beliefs of Others

by Margaret Bell | June 4, 2018

Spirituality and religion are personal things. Prejudice and intolerance are not born from these personal quests for meaning and deeper understanding. Instead, they are byproducts of the political and social structures which have been grafted to religion over centuries and millennia of human history. If we can recognise this, 

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