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How Character Develops

by Margaret Bell | March 24, 2020

Nature vs nurture. There has been much conjecture over the relationship between these two concepts, especially in relation to criminality or misdeeds. When a shocking crime story hits the headlines, the first place the tabloid media goes to in order to craft a story is often the family of the alleged perpetrator, to discover how the villainous character was shaped by his or her upbringing.

If this doesn't turn up anything interesting, then the individual is simply written off as a bad apple.

But is character not more complex than this?

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Building Character - Why Character Matters

by Margaret Bell | March 4, 2020

So much of our personal philosophy and thought – so much of the way we consider ourselves, and the world around us – is based on character. This is the way we judge ourselves and the way we judge others. And you can be sure that this is how other people judge us, too.

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