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How Character Develops

by Margaret Bell | March 24, 2020

Nature vs nurture. There has been much conjecture over the relationship between these two concepts, especially in relation to criminality or misdeeds. When a shocking crime story hits the headlines, the first place the tabloid media goes to in order to craft a story is often the family of the alleged perpetrator, to discover how the villainous character was shaped by his or her upbringing.

If this doesn't turn up anything interesting, then the individual is simply written off as a bad apple.

But is character not more complex than this?

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Building Character - Why Character Matters

by Margaret Bell | March 4, 2020

So much of our personal philosophy and thought – so much of the way we consider ourselves, and the world around us – is based on character. This is the way we judge ourselves and the way we judge others. And you can be sure that this is how other people judge us, too.

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Talking Movember in December

by Margaret Bell | December 10, 2019

Mental health is another area in which Movember has been pursuing real change for men across the world. Here in Australia, mental illness is a serious issue, with one in five adult Australians experiencing a mental illness in any given year.

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Connection to Country Do the bush fires hold a deeper meaning of connection with the land..

by Margaret Bell | November 25, 2019

Indigenous cultures view fire in a very unique way. While European cultures, and other belief systems from around the world, hold fire to be an exclusively destructive force, Indigenous Australians see a richer meaning...

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The Key to Diversity and Inclusion

by Margaret Bell | October 28, 2019

Here in Australia, we can boast a remarkable natural resource: our young people. Statistics from 2016 show that there are over 1.5 million males and around 1.45 million females in the 15-to-24-year-old bracket in Australia, representing

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Are our leaders indeed failing to act?

by Margaret Bell | October 14, 2019

The uncomfortable question of action

This raises a very uncomfortable question indeed -- are our leaders failing us? In democratic societies such as Australia, we have the luxury of choosing our leaders. This means we invest a  certain level of trust in these leaders and expect them to represent our views, our needs, and our interests at the highest political level.

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Developing Character and Being a Team Player

by Margaret Bell | September 23, 2019

There are few things in this life as divisive as sports. On the one hand, you have the die-hards whose lives hang on the results of the Socceroos or the Wallabies.

Of course, sports provide great entertainment for many (not for all, certainly) and even offer fabulous wealth for the lucky and talented few, but their worth goes far beyond this.

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The Danger of showing our true selves at work. - Part 4

by Margaret Bell | September 9, 2019

As human beings, we are tuned into what is right and wrong. The philosophy of ethics – a forum in which names like Immanuel Kant, Jurgen Habermas, and Jeremy Bentham, can wrestle for ownership of our minds.

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The Danger of showing our true selves at work. - Part 3

by Margaret Bell | August 26, 2019

It's difficult to argue with the fact that we are in a productivity-obsessed working culture. Every day, we are bombarded with proofs and demonstrations of great things our peers have achieved, and we are deluged by productivity apps and other quick fixes aimed at making us into better, more valuable co-workers, friends, family members, even just people.

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The Danger of showing our true selves at work. - Part 2

by Margaret Bell | August 12, 2019

The "psychological climate" in the workplace is such a big part of life for millions of people across Australia, and its positive or negative implications can be huge.

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