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At Chain Reaction Foundation leadership is seen as enabling oneself and the other and has three attractors, the personal involving self-esteem identity and enjoyment, empowerment involving action task and purpose, and relationships involving networks and community engagement. We strive to develop and foster leadership in three communities’ – business, government and community organisations and do so working simultaneously nationally and locally.

Behavioural change management is our tool in trade. We offer programs in inclusive leadership development, family skills involving new age parenting for busy families, rethinking cohesion and inclusion in business and government. We look at Australia's social compact and ask is it unravelling or just changing with the times. What is it now and what should it be? We examine changing and competing views on the responsibilities of the public, business, government, and community sectors for building and sustaining healthy communities.

Together with Chain Reaction Foundation Board Directors  and Specialist Consultants we share innovative ways to involve Australians in responding to local, national, and international challenges. We strive to strengthen public confidence in major charities and local NGO's and to build new rooms for citizen engagement.

Chain Reaction believes in sound innovation and skills development for a brighter future and we offer an opportunity to consider how stronger social cohesion becomes a building block to ensure this possibility. A sound financial economy cannot exist now and for future without a sound social economy working in tandem.

Your donations are helping to give disadvantaged people and communities a brighter future, whether large or small every cent helps to make a difference. Chain Reaction Foundation is registered as a Public Benevolent Institution and has Deductible Gift Recipient Status. All donations over $2.00 are Tax Deductible.

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