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Supporting disadvantaged young Australians

For one in seven Australian children and young people growing up in poverty* it can limit their choices, opportunities and outcomes in life.





How your donation helps our kids.

$100 provides:

a safe environment for them to spend time with a mentor, and have conversations that they don’t feel comfortable having at home.

$50 provides:

an opportunity for them to develop their communication skills with a mentor, so they can feel valued and speak confidently with their peers.

$29 provides:

time with a mentor to improve upon basic reading skills to boost their confidence and learning ability at school.

Your contribution will go directly to support another young person and a win for the Learning Ground Program. All donations are fully tax-deductible.



See how Chain Reaction has transformed the lives of over 600 young people and their families through the learning ground program

Over the past 10 years, Chain Reaction’s programs have helped young people and families :

  • keep out of prison and prevent them from leading lives of crime.
  • become leaders and influencers within their school.
  • get and keep jobs to provide for their family.
  • learn to be a positive contributor to their community.
  • make a choice to lead a more positive way of life.



Sponsor Our Centre MDLG

Sponsor Our Centre MDLG


Sponsor our In school program LGiS

Sponsor our In school program LGiS



There are many ways you can fundraise for us including participating in runs, walks or swims. Sign up for news of when we join a run/walk and you can also join our team.




At Chain Reaction, we value our volunteers! You can donate your time and skills to help young people live more fulfilling lives.

Volunteer at the centre

You can volunteer at our Mt Druitt Wellbeing and engagement centre weekly, Monday or Wednesday as a mentor to young people. We provide training and support and you will be partnered with an experienced staff member.

Skilled Volunteering

Bring your skills to support specific Chain Reaction projects! We need help from professionals in marketing, IT, videography, administration and many more



Breaking the cycle of disadvantage

On behalf of our Team of amazing people here at the Chain Reaction Foundation, I’d like to thank you for your support. Your donation goes towards our learning ground programs which provides young people the best chance at breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

Best wishes,

Margaret Bell, AM

Founder, Chain Reaction Foundation

*ACOSS & SPRC (2016) Poverty in Australia, 2016, Australian Council of Social Services, Sydney.