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(International Association for Volunteer Effort)

Chain Reaction Foundation has been a member of the global organisation for volunteering IAVE (The International Association for Volunteer Effort) since the foundation of Chain Reaction in 2002.

IAVE has always fostered the national and international development of volunteering and has been the global NGO organisation instrumental in having The Year of the Volunteer designated by the United Nations and celebrated around the world in 2001. IAVE is also a member of ECOSOC The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. It has played a major part in the formation of the UN Millennium Goals, has fostered volunteering in corporations around the world, has supported the establishment of national bodies on volunteering in over 70 countries. 

IAVE is currently calling on volunteers world-wide to sign an acknowledgement of themselves as volunteers, this to enable IAVE to present names gathered as an accurate account of volunteers and the act of volunteering to the United Nations during IAVE's 50th year of operation in 2020. 

Chain Reaction has a strong belief in the role of volunteering in the world being a corner stone for the understanding of social cohesion and inclusion in a world crying out for citizen engagement and people's willingness to work in the service of others. 

The Foundation was proud to have its Chairperson Margaret Bell, and fellow Director Dorothy Harding strongly involved in the development of the IAVE World Conference on Volunteering together with Volunteering Australia which was held in Brisbane Queensland in 2014. 

Chain Reaction has had senior staff participating in the IAVE World Conference on volunteering in Germany in 2018, and was pleased to have our Executive Officer Rumbi Mabambe present a very well received workshop at the IAVE regional Conference for Asia Pacific in 2019 in Bangkok. 

Rumbi conducted a workshop on volunteering as a tool for enabling a community. She also showed the documentary "Saving Young Lives" the story of Mt Druitt Learning Ground demonstrating what such an enabling tool can accomplish. 

Chain Reaction is proud to join IAVE in the pursuit of recognition of the value of volunteering in 2020 and particularly for such recognition in an environment facing so many issues needing to be addressed by supportive citizens who seek to create stronger social cohesion in the world. 

If you volunteer in some activity in your community, school, sporting group, place of worship, or local neighbourhood please follow the link to register your name or contact Chain Reaction at 

There is no charge for this registration which is used simply to supply names of the numbers of volunteers who sign up from around the world. You will not be asked to do anything more and will not receive follow-up calls of any kind, we know you are already doing your bit. 

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