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Family Skills

Family Skills Program

Learning Ground has designed its Family Skills Program for parents who really want their kids to enjoy growing up, to have school lives less troubled and grow into strong young men and women who can manage their own lives and learn to appreciate others.


Family Skills is a program designed to meet the needs of all parents. Recognising it is not easy bringing up children in a world full of electronic devices, where the use of mobile phones can be helpful but can also create harm, where electronic games can be good for a young brain but can also be harmful especially in some of the messages the games send. Family Skills is designed to support parents and older family members to help young ones face the challenges of growing up in today's world. It also helps to promote and maintain the relationship between parent and child to be trusting and supportive of one another.

About the program

Family Skills works for every day families, it also works for families dealing with issues that are hard to handle and above all Family Skills Program care about the parent or adult who wants it all to work out for the parent and child.

Coming to Family Skills creates winners. No matter what issues - everyone faces being unsure from time to time about the way they parent. Family Skills staff are there to support and advise and will keep discussions entirely private and ensure a relaxed and informative session.

A light meal is provided and there is no charge for the program. Family Skills Program operates within the school term.

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Family Skills is a program suitable to parents, guardians, grandparents and others working with children or adolescents.

Frequent half day sessions with topics including how to work with anxious kids, Bringing Out the Best in Kids, Positive Discipline. Workshops cover all age groups 0 – 17 and topics of specific value to parents with children in this age range, e.g. handling temper tantrums, bed-time blues, meal time problems, sibling rivalry, fear of the unknown, addiction to devices, anger management, passive aggression and much, much more.

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"I'm going to Learning Ground this year because I am quite scared of going to High School next year, my brother went there and he says it taught him to feel much better about himself"

Year 6 girl

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