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The mission of Chain Reaction is to partner with business, government, and community organisations to build a stronger more inclusive Australia. Chain Reaction has a vision for an Australia of dynamic citizens connected in positive aspirations for the country we live in, taking action, marshalling our own capacities to create a future we want our children to inherit.

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Annual Reports

Chain Reaction 2016 Annual Report annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2016_.pdf annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2016_.pdf

Chain Reaction 2015 Annual Report annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2015.pdf annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2015.pdf

Chain Reaction 2014 Annual Report  annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2014.pdf annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2014.pdf

Chain Reaction 2013 Annual Report  annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2013.pdf annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2013.pdf

Chain Reaction 2012 Annual Report  annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2012.pdf annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2012.pdf

Chain Reaction 2011 Annual Report  annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2011.pdf annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2011.pdf

Chain Reaction 2010 Annual Report  annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2010.pdf annual_report_chain_reaction_foundation_year_end_2010.pdf


Your donations are helping to give disadvantaged people and communities a brighter future, whether large or small every cent helps to make a difference. Chain Reaction Foundation is registered as a Public Benevolent Institution and has Deductible Gift Recipient Status. All donations over $2.00 are Tax Deductible.

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