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ZEST Awards 2022
Exceptional Project in a not for profit organisation


Mt Druitt Learning Ground is an award winning Centre of Excellence in Behavioural Change located in Bidwill Square, Bidwill NSW.

It is a unique place for young people and their families to create strong learning experiences effecting behavioural change, built on the principles of each one - teach one where people feel safe and welcome.

Learning Ground operates on a school year timetable and is offered particularly to those experiencing difficulties in school retention. Learning is based on Aboriginal traditional and contemporary knowledge and successfully offered to non-indigenous, indigenous and linguistically diverse communities. Meals are provided together with some transport on enquiry.

Adolescent Program

Adolescent Program

Suitable for participants 13 – 17 years

Every Monday 9.30am – 2.30pm during the school term.

A behavioural change management program available to young people of high school age.

Suitable for those keen to learn skills to get back on track, or for those who may be experiencing school retention issues or bullying, feeling sad because of a recent loss, being withdrawn or showing they are troubled by being anxious or angry.

The program offers personal development and motivational encouragement including:

  • New communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Anger management
  • Handling criticism, bullying and social media
  • Examining prevention of domestic violence
  • Managing personal expectations, needs, and wants

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Young People's Program

Young People's Program

Suitable for participants 10 – 12 years

Every Wednesday 10am – 2.30pm during the school term.

A behavioural change management program available to older primary school age participants and Year 7 students. Especially suitable for those who may struggle with early high school experiences. For those experiencing:

  • feeling fearful of growing up
  • uncertain about achieving results
  • finding it hard to adjust to changing circumstances at home
  • going through the loss of a family, friend, or pet
  • becoming an angry young person
  • bullying others or being afraid of being bullied
  • being lonely, reluctant, or refusing to go to school
  • not looking forward to being a high school student
  • if speaking up is becoming increasingly difficult
  • having difficulties in telling the truth

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"I'm going to Learning Ground this year because I am quite scared of going to High School next year, my brother went there and he says it taught him to feel much better about himself"

Year 6 girl

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