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Real Parenting for Real Kids by hain Reaction Program Development Manager Melissa Hood

Real Parenting for Real Kids

By Chain Reaction Program Development Manager Melissa Hood

Real Parenting for Real Kids by Melissa Hood, Chain Reaction’s Program Development Manager provides a perfect example of how to create and develop harmony and cohesion in the family. Chain Reaction believes the family is the microcosm of society and “Real Parenting for Real Kids” is ideal for those who want to create strong social cohesion and understanding at home.

Much of the book points out how often we get it right and offers clear guidelines for giving kids descriptive praise, allowing them to know when and how they are getting it right. It also takes steps to educate us in emotion coaching, recognising feelings, dealing with them wisely and setting up for future successes. A confidence booster for many parents who say they can identify themselves between the pages. Not only does the methodology work with kids but with partners, work colleagues and friends as well.

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Train the Trainer Enablers Program by Chain Reaction

Train the Trainer Enablers Program

By Chain Reaction

The Enabler's Program is a personal leadership program that provides a holistic study of the development of the whole person physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially. It also examines the power of place and the role of the organisation in community at large.

It is suitable to be offered to NGOs, community organisations, government departments and business organisations wishing to give employees an opportunity to participate in a new way of understanding leadership in community.

The Program works with the concept that true leadership lies in enabling oneself and the other to grow.

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