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Melissa's new book is a perfect example of how to create and develop harmony and cohesion in the family. Chain Reaction believes the family is the microcosm of society and “Real Parenting for Real Kids” is a perfect read for those who want to create strong social cohesion and understanding at home. 

Much of the book recognises how often we are getting it right, and offers clear guidelines for giving kids descriptive praise, allowing them to know when and how they are getting it right. It also takes steps to educate us in emotion coaching, recognising feelings, dealing with them wisely and setting up for future successes. It gives parents confidence as it is so easy to recognise ourselves between the pages. Not only does the methodology work with kids but with partners, work colleagues, and friends too. 

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The following independent report/evaluation was commissioned by Chain Reaction Foundation, sponsored by Ian Potter Foundation and conducted by Western Sydney University in June 2016.

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WSU Updated Report LG Sept 2016.pdf WSU Updated Report LG Sept 2016.pdf (1.40 MB)


The Enabler's Train the Trainer Program is designed to be offered to those who have completed the Enabler's leadership training course.

It is suitable to be offered to NGOs, community organisations, government departments and business organisations who wish to give employees or client's an opportunity to participate in a new way of understanding leadership in community.

The Train the Trainer Program is a holistic study of the development of the whole person; physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially. It also examines the power of place and the role of the organisation in community at large.

A study of each aspect of the whole person is designed to increase self knowledge and to support and encourage men and women who are engaged or who will engage in building social cohesion communities of which they are apart.

The Enablers Train the Trainer Program is an opportunity to connect with the notion that the NEW economy is powered by human creativity and engagement and to examine how this affects our world and our thinking both personally and as a community. The Program looks beyond the idea of generic suburbs that we have been used to and challenges us to glimpse at ways we may create communities with distinctive character, providing stimulation, diversity and a richness of experiences. The Program works with the concept that true leadership lies in enabling one self and the other to grow.

To attend a Train the Trainer course one needs to have completed the Enablers leadership training course offered by Chain Reaction Foundation. At the completion of the Train the Trainer material the participant will be certified as a facilitator within their own environment. For further inquiries please contact


Around 1,000 people of Fairfield, Smithfield and Cabramatta have spoken out.
Acknowledging the value of an engaged civil society people of the LGA of Fairfield have spoken with great clarity. They have been strong about the value of informal networks as a means of having citizens become engaged in their communities.
Ordinary men and women showed themselves "linked to a higher ethical order" than many of the large voluntary organisations, government departments and statutory bodies.
They were most articulate about what they dreamed about as a good society and what they wanted government to do.


  • That our young people obtain better opportunities for employment through training and other associated services.
  • Safe and low cost recreational opportunities for young people and families.
  • Stronger support for new waves of migrants and refugees to help them become part of our community more quickly.
  • Revitalisation of town centres to give pride of place and smoother access.
  • Stronger public education regarding substance abuse and continuing improvement of drug prevention strategies.

"Fairfield welcomed us. As refugees we were bewildered by many things but somehow felt accepted - this is the multicultural experience of Fairfield".
Refugee Mother

"We now have so many events all the kids want to be in the Lion Dances, now they have to earn their places in the dance, it creates a kind of extended family".
Festival Volunteer

"I like the enormous changes, we have adapted and taken it in our stride".
Italian Community Leader

To obtain a copy of the full report contact Chain Reaction Foundation


"People's Voices" told by the people and recorded just as spoken. The narrative forms the basis of a series of community debates, discussions, revelations and actions focused on building citizen engagement, harmony, and new leadership in the communities in which the people live.
In the context of the growing discourse about the broader fabric of civil society, the existence of social capital and the necessity to understand its make-up we look to know more about a participatory democracy especially if we are to value democracy in Australia in present times and for the future. "People's Voices" tells it like it is, describing how communities feel about their ability or inability to participate in public life. 

In one community they demand:

  • New diverse leadership in public life
  • A sustainable mentoring scheme for young people
  • The creation of a ‘heroes walk' to celebrate the life of its heroes.

In another:

  • Immediate assistance to achieve self-determination
  • An aboriginal meeting place
  • A community leadership development program

And in the final community:

  • That the local university will take a stronger regional leadership role in innovative education
  • People's safety concerns to be taken seriously by the provision of improved mental health and substance abuse prevention care.

"People's Voices" is a compelling but easy read, designed for those who wish they had a voice and those who know they have. It is particularly useful for anyone in public office or aspiring towards a leadership role of any kind.

It is hard to forget the voice of the young girl who said:
"We will never have harmony in our town until the Pizza man can deliver the Pizza on the South side".
or a boy who said:
"I used to play cricket and football but now I am just a black kid". 

To obtain a copy of the full report contact Chain Reaction Foundation

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