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Chain Reaction is committed to conducting Participatory Research in as many areas of its work as possible. Research is commonly carried out by empirical or action-based qualitative and quantitive studies in universities.

Participatory Research is different and focused on citizens uncovering the data together resulting in reports we understand as the expression of 'People's Voices'. Chain Reaction is building a treasure chest of knowledge drawn from information supplied by people rich and poor, young and old, able and disabled, across all walks of life and ethnic, religious, age, and gender backgrounds.

Research Projects include examining:

  • Participatory democracy and responsive government and business
  • Building citizen engagement and leadership in rural and urban communities
  • Measuring how social capital can sustain and develop communities
  • Chain Reaction Breakfast Café
  • Making the road by walking - taking our history in our hands
  • Harmony through diversity
  • Shedding long established attitudes based on biased assumptions

People's Voices Project 
Kempsey, Mt Druitt, Illawarra

People's Voices Project
Fairfield, Smithfield, Cabramatta



Chain Reaction has completed a study in six communities across NSW.

The project is focused on building citizen engagement, harmony, and new leadership in communities. Two separate studies have taken place in Kempsey, Mt Druitt and Illawarra; and Fairfield, Smithfield and Cabramatta.

  • Involving citizens in their local communities
  • Strengthening local institutions and organisations
  • Creating linkages among individuals, organisations, faith groups and cultural groups
  • Assuming responsibilities for communities supporting their own communities
  • Leadership development in community
  • Building completely new rooms in which public life can be further conducted.

Kempsey, Mt Druitt and Illawarra study was proudly supported by Premier's Department NSW.

Fairfield, Smithfield and Cabramatta by the Pratt Foundation of Victoria.

Chain Reaction have number of publications . Click here to view our Publications.

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