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(Recent Academic Papers on Social Cohesion and Social Inclusion)

Monash University
Capturing Diversity and Social Cohesion in a Modern Australia

Macquarie University
The Centre for Research on Social Inclusion ceased operations in April 2012. The website has been retained so that resources on it remain publicly accessible.

Cultural Diversity, Community and Care: Experiences of CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) Families with Young Children in the City of Ryde

Turning Points: Evaluation of Red Cross Young Parents Program

University of New England

Nourishing Culture and Developing Social Capital in a Community Garden

Deakin University

Social Cohesion and Young People

Shared Belonging in Australia: Public Space and Intercultural Relations in Suburban Darwin

Social Networks, Belonging & Active Citizenship Among Migrant Youth in Australia


RMIT University

Building in connectivity integral to health of people on urban fringe


University of Melbourne

Sharing Place, Learning Together: Supporting sustainable educational partnerships to advance social equity

Charles Sturt University

Community Connections Vulnerability and Resilience in the Blue Mountains

University NSW

Are the Kids Alright? Understanding the wellbeing of Australian children in their middle years

Linking Schools and Early Years

Poverty in Australia 2020

We Can't Afford Not To: Supporting young people within their families and communities from early adolescence to early adulthood

The Challenge of Social Inclusion for Australian Schooling