Chain Reaction Foundation


Margaret Bell, AM
President, Chain Reaction Foundation
Chief Executive Officer, Mt Druitt Learning Ground

Expertise: Innovative leadership in civil society in the fields of community development, volunteering, citizen engagement, behavioural change management and participatory research. Strong networks across business, voluntary and government sectors. A renowned public speaker and writer acclaimed both nationally and internationally. 

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Peggy Cameron
Executive Officer
Chain Reaction Foundation


Rumbi Mabambe
Executive Officer
Mt Druitt Learning Ground

Charmaine Milsom
Manager Education Program (Literacy & Numeracy)
Mt Druitt Learning Ground   

Mischelle Jenkinson
Senior Team Leader
Administration Coordinator - Youth Activities Program
Mt Druitt Learning Ground 
Cassandra Jackson
Adult Education Coordinator
Mt Druitt Learning Ground 
Steven Jenkinson
Youth Worker Coordinator - Youth Activities Program
Mt Druitt Learning Ground 
Michael Smith
Support Youth Worker - Youth Activities Program
Mt Druitt Learning Ground 
Emily Darby 
Mt Druitt Learning Ground 


  • Alice Bateman
  • Natalie Bell
  • Charlotte Blake
  • Diane Buhagiar
  • Peggy Cameron
  • Rev. John Dacey
  • Emily Darby
  • Ron Enright
  • Lesley Gibb
  • John Hood
  • Melissa Hood
  • Cassandra Jackson
  • Danielle Jackson
  • Donna Jackson
  • Mischelle Jenkinson
  • Gloria Matthews
  • Winsome Matthews
  • Charmaine Milsom
  • Kathy Mudiman
  • Paris Neilson
  • Paul Reid
  • Michael Smith
  • Sandra Spiteri
  • Dale Watson 

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