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Traits Leaders from Lower Socio-Economic Areas Tend to Exhibit

by Margaret Bell | April 7, 2017

Leadership. It seems like a pretty straight forward concept. There are good leaders and bad leaders. In order to be a good leader, one must do certain things. It is an easy recipe for success. Right?

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How to Prepare Millennials for Future Leadership Success

by Margaret Bell | March 30, 2017

The Kafka-esque nightmare of the traditional employment ladder just does not cut it anymore. Being forced to navigate shifting goalposts, opaque promotion structures, favouritism, nepotism and all manner of other hallmarks of an uneven playing field has no place in the modern workplace. 

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How to Influence, Train and Enable Millennials for Leadership

by Margaret Bell | March 23, 2017

Step forward, Millennials; now it is your time. Thirty years of development, growth, understanding and tutelage have taken us to this point. Now, it is time for the Millennial generation to take over at the driving seat.

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Curiosity as a Leader: Why Great Leadership Needs Curiosity

by Margaret Bell | March 16, 2017

When does innovation occur? When a problem demands a new solution and a different approach. If there is no curiosity, how can these new paths be forged? Without curiosity, innovation simply cannot happen.

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Leadership in the Family

by Margaret Bell | March 7, 2017

The Australian family looks a little different today to the way it did four decades ago. Walk into an average Australian household in 1976 and you would likely have seen a heterosexual couple raising dependent children – this was simply the most common family structure at that time.

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Leadership in the Community: Building Stronger Communities Through Enabling Leadership

by Margaret Bell | March 2, 2017

Politics was once about causes and moral obligation; about standing up for what we believed in and making our voices heard. However, it feels that, recently, this idealism is lacking from modern governance.

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Leadership is Enabling the Workplace: Best Practices and Approaches

by Margaret Bell | February 23, 2017

Take a look at a successful workplace; a working environment in which everything runs smoothly, resources are well managed and goals are systematically achieved. Then, look at another, similarly successful organisation; what common elements do you notice?

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Leadership, Redefined: Why a True Leader Needs to Be an Enabler, not a Prohibitor

by Margaret Bell | February 16, 2017

We have seen these truly gifted leaders at the very top of the political tree in Australia. Rankings published by The Age named John Curtin and Robert Menzies as the best examples of leadership in the office of the Prime Minister, while the Nielsen Ratings...

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The Enablers Program – With Your Help, We Can Continue to Provide Support

by Margaret Bell | January 19, 2017

There is no magic age at which we graduate from children into adults, no hard and fast cut-off point when our youth ends and the rest of our life begins. Adulthood may be legally defined as eighteen and over in Australia, but this is more out of necessity than anything biologically reliable. At Chain Reaction we provide support for the youth of Australia, but we also understand that...

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Chain Reaction’s Family Skills Program

by Margaret Bell | January 11, 2017

When we are young, the prospect of raising a family is one of those things that we entrust to nature. The event feels so distant – so safe and tucked away somewhere in the far-flung future – that we don’t worry about it too much. We simply assume that, when the time comes, we will know what to do.

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