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IAVE 23rd World Volunteer Conference - "Volunteering Today's Imperative"

by | April 15, 2013

IAVE 23rd WORLD VOLUNTEER CONFERENCE has together with Volunteering Australia and it's Conference Partners announced the theme for the Conference on the Gold Coast in September 2014 "VOLUNTEERING TODAY'S IMPERATIVE".
Conference chairperson Margaret Bell says:
"Volunteering has become today's imperative if we are to save the planet for our children and our children's children." She went on to say "we are living in dangerous times and marvellous times. Families and communities are imploding because of the hunger for power avarice and greed. On the other hand we have a digital age capable of galvanising people to care for the communities of which they are a part in unprecedented ways. Volunteering can become an unstoppable movement for social inclusion and the common good that is what this conference will be about".

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